30 August 2007

work work work

some architecture humor:

It seems I've gotten a few questions lately about how work is going, so I thought I'd just blog an update about it here. All in all, work is truly good. I am enjoying the fact that I know more (I actually learned stuff in grad school) and I have more responsibility on projects. I've moved from the realm of the draftsperson--CAD monkey, as we affectionately called them while in school (see above)--to the realm of people who get to use their brains and design skills and get paid for it :)

Most recently, our CEO and I have been working on a project together, a dormitory house for a local university. It's going in a neighborhood close to campus, that has many old houses in it. The current house on the lot was built in the 30's (we guesstimate) but it terribly rundown and in disrepair now. This week, I've been working on designing the elevations (what the building will look like from the outside) and everything that I've done the boss-man has approved of, and we are feeding off each other to get the design complete. It's been a lot of fun to see decisions I make find their way onto paper, and will eventually find their way onto a real building. VERY cool.

What I am most looking forward to is seeing some of the projects that I've been working on all summer start construction. That, I would have to say, is the greatest part about my job.

Well, its off to the mountains tomorrow after work for Labor Day weekend--hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures while I'm there! Now, if I could just start packing...

26 August 2007

day pictures

okay, so call me lazy if you want, I don't mind. I've never been one to photograph my car...so instead of taking some myself, I just took the ones off the dealer's website! I figure they're more experienced at photographing cars anyway :)

19 August 2007

cars, cars, cars

I finally did it! I bought a new car yesterday! I'm so excited about my new car. I need to get a better picture of it when its not dark outside, but I don't have one yet. I traded in the old Acura in the deal, which wasn't worth much at all, but I decided it was worth getting a little less for it rather than trying to sell it myself. There's not a real huge market out there for 17 year old cars :)

My new car is a black '07 vw jetta 5-speed. I actually bought it "used" -- someone had purchased it in May, put just under 1,000 miles on it, then sold it. crazy! So, I get a "new" car but not for the new car price. Quite a steal. Mom says it matches my new young professional image. hehehe. I think I may be most excited about the bumper-to-bumper warranty! Woohoo!

I also had to say goodbye to the car I've been driving for 9 years. It was a little bit sad, but since it stranded me the last time, I began to emotionally detach from it. So, not as painful to let go. I did have to clean it out first--I kept the front license plate, for posterity. I think I may get a new one for the new car.

Acura sitting at the dealership in the wholesale department:goodbye little car, I'll miss you!

New car in Mom and Dad's driveway:hello new car!

09 August 2007

e the electrician

This past weekend, I exchanged a drab light fixture from the mid-80's for a fun new one from 2007. Following Dad's step-by-step instructions, I replaced the fixture in my upstairs bathroom. I consider the project a success, since I wasn't electrocuted, and we only had to make ONE mid-project trip to Lowe's :)



02 August 2007

car update

it has been repaired! my car is now back in its rightful home, the parking space in front of my house. so glad that it is back home. while I definitely enjoyed tooling around in dad's bug for a day, my car is so familiar and comfortable to me. I know where everything is.

However, I think I may begin shopping for a new car in the next few months-- I have been stranded one too many times. but there's no time crunch or pressure like there would have been if I decided not to repair my old car. I also have more time to save money!

01 August 2007

the car that had 9 lives

Well, it happened today friends. My car once again died, and left me stranded on a busy traffic corridor. If I remember correctly, this makes the fourth time its quit mid-route somewhere. (the previous three were on interstates!) This morning on the way to work, it decides to die (fortunately at a stop light) but in the center lane of a major traffic corridor between the burbs and downtown. NOT GOOD! Fortunately, after calling Mom and Dad to come rescue me, (and several honking motorists--seriously, like I was camping out there just for kicks!) two police officers appear out of nowhere and push me through the intersection and into the bp parking lot. Where I wait for the parentals and the tow truck, passing my time next to the transient worker (on foot) who has decided to take up residence two parking spaces over. That was a fun 20 minutes!

The car gets towed, and I get a call from the repairman a few hours later, telling me it is going to cost upwards of $800 to fix. EVEN MORE NOT GOOD!

Now, I must decide the fate of my little car. How many more lives does it have in it? How many more times must I be stranded on the side (or the middle of) the road?

I have known for the last couple of years that it won't last forever, I was just hoping to get a little more life out of it.

I just thank God that I was not hurt (someone could have easily rear-ended me, for sure), and I was able to get to work, and that I have parents who come to my rescue and lend me their cars!

Oh, decisions!