26 July 2007

The Blooming Banana Tree

Yes, you read correctly, banana trees bloom!

Well, not actually. Two months ago Mom & I planted what we thought were baby banana trees in my garden. Last weekend, I found out they may not be banana trees...One that Mom had planted in her own backyard turned out to be a canna lily, with a big yellow flower.

Well, this week, I discovered that I too had canna lilies. Because the big one is blooming :) Once it fully blooms, I'll try to post a picture.

Funny, I feel a little bit differently now that its not a banana tree--as though it pulled a fast one on me.


I think not!

09 July 2007

the evolution of a chair

see below for 4th of July post...

Yesterday's adventure was recovering the chair pads on the dining room chairs. As I pulled off the accumulated layers of fabric, I felt like I was taking a trip back in time. Can anyone identify the decade of each? I'm curious!

Independence Day, Big K Style

For my brother Sean and anyone else who has had the pleasure of experiencing the 4th of July Big K style...
I give you this year's extravaganza!

festivities began at Mom and Dad's pool with BBQ...

...and proceeded to the Big K parking lot. See if you can find Dad...he's the one in the festive hat!

A few of my attempts at using the rack on top of Susan's minivan as a makeshift tripod for my camera:
At least you get the idea! :o)