25 February 2010

too bad the architects never get any credit...

The school project I've been working on for a long time got some press today. It is exciting to see a building I've designed in the news! Can't wait to actually start construction :) I guess we'll have to finish the design first...

Richmond County vocational high school plans move ahead | The Augusta Chronicle

07 January 2010

Now E really is an Architect!

So today is the day that will go down in history--I'm an architect now! I got the letter today that I passed my final exam, and the state has assigned me my Registered Architect number :) now I just have to get a stamp. And what's really cool, is that you can look me up on the Secretary of State's website--under the Board of Architects and Interior Designers! so cool.

now to figure out what the next life goal is to be. maybe this one won't take 10.5 years to complete :)

01 October 2009

finally! a pass!

After 10 long weeks of anticipation, I finally received the score report from the first division of the ARE that I took back in July: and I passed!!

So far:
1 test passed
2 tests taken, results pending
4 tests left to take

What a process this is! I'm taking the rest of the tests between now and December 15th...so that day will be a big sigh of relief...but not as big of a sigh (and a huge hooray) as the day I get the last score report :)

14 June 2009

fripp fotos

so I didn't manage to get my camera out until the last day at the beach, on our way back home. but boy, did we have a memorable trip out. On the way off the island, we saw a really big alligator swimming along in a pond. he posed for us several times, with the warning sign close by. great photo shoot, gator!

do you think they get good reception in there?

13 April 2009

shots from the course

Lindsay and I went to the practice rounds Monday, and had a great time. It is so beautiful out there!! Here are a few shots from the day.

The first group we watched. The group included Gary Player and Trevor Immelman.

Gary and Trevor discussing clubs. Gary was so fun to watch interact with the other players and the crowd.

Lindsay was trying for an up close shot of Zach Johnson (2007's champion). Unfortunately, he was applying massive amounts of sunscreen the whole time :o)

Vijay Singh teeing off on 7. Don't get behind him in a practice round, he goes slow and hits a ton of balls!

Zach and his caddy, with Anthony Kim teeing off.

Ian Poulter. Most definitely the best pants we saw on a player. What you can't see is the seafoam green belt that matches. I dig his outfit.

Ishikawa had the best club cover of the day--it's a stuffed version of himself!

The shark in the hunt. Greg Norman was back after 7 years. Great to see him!

24 February 2009

Roar tickets on sale!

Roar of Love tickets are now on sale for both performances: Saturday March 28th @ 3:00 and 7:00pm.

See the link below:

13 January 2009

it's Roar time again

fyi, friends and fam: I'm dancing in the Roar of Love this year! I'm super excited. A group of ballet alumni are dancing penitents! One of my favorites! Mark your calendars: March 27th & 28th :o)