20 June 2008

quite a sight

working in a field that is male-dominated makes for some interesting moments, especially on the construction site, like today. in my trunk, I keep boots and a hardhat for just such site visits. but because they don't really make "work boots" for women, mine are rubber galoshes-- white and black herringbone with pink insides. picture these with a white eyelet skirt, polo shirt,big sunglasses and a hardhat. quite the fashion statement. if only I had a camera...

17 June 2008

arm strength? apparently not...

so I had my first golf lesson this weekend. it was fun, but not as easy as it looks. on saturday i went and got my clubs, and learned how to hold the clubs, practiced putting, and hitting whiffle balls in the backyard. and then on sunday afternoon, I went to the driving range with Bob & Zac. (Bob is long-time family friend, Zac is his son & also family friend). Out of the like +100 balls in my bucket, I probably hit 5-10 good shots. quite a few times I failed to make contact, and quite a few other times I dug into the dirt. but it was still fun! I also woke up monday morning with sore arms and torso--clearly not muscles I use often :)

Lindsay and I are taking our clubs to the beach next week, so we may spend some time at the driving range there...but I don't think I'm ready for a real course yet. that day will come :)

Bob said I'd do better next time once I had my golf shoes ;0) (they should be arriving soon!)

13 June 2008

hooray for new golf clubs and new golf shoes!

thanks to the magic of the internet, clubs and shoes are on their way to my doorstep!

01 June 2008

i have not fallen off the face of the earth...

... although I understand if you think that I have. sorry for the absence of posts; but when I spend all day at work at a computer, its hardly the thing I want to do when I get home. And I've found myself very busy lately!

I hope to write more later, but here a few tidbits of what I've been up to lately:

1. A few months ago, we started a "Cell Group" for young peeps at church--we meet on Monday nights for fellowship, snacks, and bible study. It's really become a good way to plug in and spend time with other people from church that aren't grandmas or preschoolers :)

2. Last month I celebrated one year in my house, yay! and this week I will celebrate one year with my company (post grad school) and three years total. yay!

3. Last weekend, Dad and I demo'd my old fence around my patio and rebuilt it completely. Its now the best looking fence in the neighborhood. pictures to follow soon, hopefully :) (and Mom helped too)

4. Our church softball team has their very own Pep Squad, and yours truly is a C0-captain :) We even have our own t-shirts, which I designed. Tons of fun, and lots of hours went into those!

5. Vacation Bible school starts tomorrow, so I'm busy preparing to teach, as well as I spent all of yesterday transforming the church into a Beach Party Paradise! (with lots of help)

6. I think I'm going to learn how to play golf--don't have clubs yet, but Bob is working on that, and I bought some cute golfwear this afternoon :) so even if I'm not very good, I'll at least look good :)

7. I'm still working on my New Year's Resolution to cook more. Its really a lot of fun, and I sure am eating better since I started making myself real food. I've also been baking, too. That part is not so great for my waistline, but sure is yummy.

8. I've been Mom's assistant of sorts in the real estate world--hosting open houses, going to open houses, touring neighborhoods, etc. I always am imagining what I would do to the houses that we see if I were to live in them. Not looking to move, but its fun to think about.

that's all that I can think of right now. hope you enjoyed the update :)