22 June 2007


I had a housewarming party last weekend, and while I failed to take any pictures during the blessed event, I did take pictures of the upstairs beforehand--the first time it was actually cleaned up enough to do so!

The guest bedroom/office:
with the drawings of Paris Gramma bought when she was there-I love them!

I love the sunlight in this room-it's very calming.

The chest of drawers survived the car ride! The door on the left it to the shared bath.

My bedroom:
with memaw's bedroom suit and nana's side tables as bedside tables :) (and the other bathroom door)

looking back toward the door.

The bathroom:

the vanity (with the HEAVY mirror I installed myself)

Looking to the left of the vanity (and on the wall behind you)

The tub is on the left, looking back toward the vanity and my bedroom (standing in front of the toilet)

and finally, at the landing looking into my bedroom and down the staircase. and that's it!

Susan, Lindsay, and Nancy throw a great party, I must say. It was a lot of fun to have my first official party at my house. It is now thoroughly warmed!

16 June 2007

the garden fairy

While I have long outgrown santa clause and the tooth fairy, I have recently become acquainted with the garden fairy. She comes to your house while you're at work, and plants flowers in your garden. I must say, I'm a big fan of this fairy!

She's come to my house twice now, and there are happy little flowers greeting me when I get home from work. I can take little credit for how my garden looks now. All I do is water it :o)

Thanks garden fairy!

09 June 2007

work, furniture

this week was my first week back to work--back to being a productive member of society, as Mom says. it was a really good week, actually. Right away I was handed a project to be the lead on; they gave a brief of what was expected, and then set me loose. it was great! I pretty easily got back into the flow of being in the office, and remembering how things work. It was great not having that awkward orientation period where you don't really know how to do anything, or where to find anything, and you don't feel like you're being productive.

the other great part is that we have three summer intern students. One is a friend of mine from grad school; she is a year behind me, and we went on the same study abroad in Europe last summer. The other two are undergraduate students. It's great no longer being the low man on the totem pole :o) There are plenty of other people to do the gophering. Being higher up is good!

the adventure of the day today was moving the last of my furniture into my house. still to be retrieved was furniture for the guest room/office: a bed, that was Mom's when she was a little girl, and a chest of drawers that had been in my room several years ago--the topiary chest, for those of you who know which one I'm referring to.

we put the bed in the back of mom's explorer, which took up the entire back. so, we thought we would have to make another trip; but dad said that he thought it would fit in the back of his tr! So, that's what we did! It rode beside him all the way to my house, with mom and I behind in the explorer, laughing the entire way because dad was so cute in his little car, and the chest made his car look so tiny--like a toy car. below are my attempts at photographing the humorous event :o)