21 October 2008

I turned my heat on last night for the first time since last winter--hooray for that "just turned the heat on funny smell" that I love!

18 October 2008

"I'm not a vegetable person...

...but I think I'd like that."

This comment made me smile this week at lunch. My experiments in cooking "real" food have become a means to provide lunches during the week that are NOT a turkey sandwich if at all possible. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a turkey sandwich, I just have had so many of them (years worth) in my lifetime--it's my default brown bag lunch.

I try to cook a big meal once a week (usually Sunday evening) and then take the leftovers to lunch during the week. While it can get old eating the same thing five days in a row, the repetition is far outweighed by the convenience of not having to come up with something the night before, after a long day at work (and various evening activities that keep me out till 8 or 9 pm).

This week's dish was a peanut veggie stir fry in a wheat wrap. (the recipe called for chicken, but I just added more fresh veggies instead--think broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, & sugar snap peas ). A guy at work (four of us bring our lunches & usually eat together) made the comment, "I'm not a vegetable person, but I think I'd like that." This guy eats a microwave frozen dinner (or leftover fast food) for lunch every day (and I have yet to see any green veggies come out of his boxes) :o) The comment made me smile, and made me think there is hope for people out there who hate veggies (especially the green ones)--veggies can be yummy! You just have to know how to prepare them.

This particular recipe came from kraftfoods.com--one of my favorite recipe websites. For the link to this recipe click here (I used the variation at the bottom).