13 January 2009

it's Roar time again

fyi, friends and fam: I'm dancing in the Roar of Love this year! I'm super excited. A group of ballet alumni are dancing penitents! One of my favorites! Mark your calendars: March 27th & 28th :o)

03 January 2009

some belated Christmas cheer

So I know that it's after Christmas & New Year's, but I am finally getting around to posting some pictures and videos of my house decorated for Christmas (after some encouragement from my very active-blogging sister-in-law). I've had the outside shots for weeks, and just never got around to posting. And then it was time to take down my very dried out tree, and I decided I needed a picture of it first. So, for all of you who did not get to come to my house this year, here is a tasting of what it looked like. It's kind of sad now, without any decor up. Just back to plain old house. But now, the cheer will at least live on in photo & video!

The tree this year received a new bow at the top, as well as a new skirt & matching ribbons. I really think they add a lot!

The front with the flash...

...and without. The wreath on the front door also got a new bow--made completely out of ribbon I already had. Sweet!

sorry for the sideways video--not sure how to turn it...

and this is the rear patio.

all in all, I had a great time decorating for Christmas (no surprise there). now just to get all of the storage bins back in the attic... :)