23 February 2008

the joys of tax time

well, I've officially reached another level of adulthood--itemizing my tax return! what fun! and what a complicated year 2007 turned out to be. I think the only way it could have been more complicated is if I had changed my name! I'm sure that some of you are well acquainted with the 104o form, but for a girl who is used to the 1040EZ, it was one big frustrating step for me. a big thanks to mom for guiding me through the process.

and on an entirely different note, below is a watercolor that I painted at Christmas for my bosses. In a few weeks, our office is having an Open House to show off the new building the firm purchased, renovated, and moved into not quite a year ago. And guess what is going on the front of the invitations?

maybe I'll start up a side business...