21 November 2008

it must be a recession...

because Christmas trimmings in the store today were 60% off! It's a week before Thanksgiving, and it's all already on sale. It makes me wonder how on sale it will be the day after Christmas. I'll think there will be some deals to be had!

06 November 2008

I know that everyone tells me I don't need to wear heels...

and some people go so far as to tell me that it's not fair for me to wear heels.

but I can tell you this, they sure can make you feel good.

today I felt just a little more authoritative, a little fancier, a little more important, a little thinner, and a little prettier. I also think I walk a little straighter when I wear them.

my heels today were a whopping 3 1/2" tall. so they made me 6'-1 1/2". (definitely taller than I'm used to being)

so I'm sorry to those who think it's not fair when tall people wear heels--but I'm going to keep wearing them and feeling good when I do.

hooray for heels!

you know what's not fair? when all of your sleeves are about 2" too short. :o)