08 April 2008

an afternoon at the master's

this afternoon, I was fortunate to get to spend the afternoon at the master's practice round. big time thanks to my boss who gave me the two tickets. i took my dearest friend with me, and she had the most wonderful hat on the entire grounds. the hat was her grandfathers, and on it is every badge from every masters from 1959 to 2002 (except for maybe one that didn't make it on the hat). He attended every year without fail. but since he died in 2003, the hat hadn't been back to the tournament. but today, it made its triumphant return.

with Amen Corner in the background

Augusta native Charles Howell III putting at 17

Martin Kaymer teeing off at 18--we liked his pink shirt

lawnmower parade at the end of the day. what could possibly need mowing? we wondered...

04 April 2008

roar 2008

Last weekend was the 23rd annual production of the Roar of Love. How I miss dancing in it! But I was able to be involved--I worked backstage. All of the girls who were little bitty when I was in the company are now the senior company members. It makes me feel old!

Above is a picture of the alumni who were at the show. Some watched in the audience, some worked backstage, and one danced as a guest artist in the ballet--she was the lead. We're all so proud!

It's a tradition to always take a picture of the alumni who show up for the performances. Last week was no exception!