22 September 2008


for those of you not on facebook, I reproduce musings from it:

I LOVE Fall. It's my favorite time of the year. I get giddy thinking about pulling down sweaters and blankets from the attic. I love turning off the AC and opening the windows. My favorite day of the year is the day I turn on the heat in my house. I LOVE the smell. I know, its a little weird. But even stranger is that I'm also strangely drawn to the cinnamon spice brooms they sell in the grocery store this time of year. The only thing that's kept me from buying one is the thought, "What the heck am I going to do with a spice broom?!" Also, there's something about them that I associate with grandmas. I think its because there was one (or something close to it) hanging in my Nana's house throughout my childhood. I try not to encourage grandma tendencies in myself, considering I'm only 27, and don't even have kids. But I can tell you this--if I ever become a grandma, you better believe I'm buying a spice broom!

21 September 2008

our first real golf

last weekend was our first real golf outing. it was definitely different being on a course as opposed to the driving range! lindsay scored a 70, and I scored a 72 (that's only counting the swings when we made contact with the ball). amazing, huh? well, not when you find out that was on 9 holes :o) but we had fun. I got stuck in one bunker, and lost one ball, but other than that, we did alright.
lindsay teeing off on the first hole--isn't her hot pink club cute!?

my tee shot on the par 3 No. 7--see the hot pink ball on the green? by far, my best shot of the day.

us posing with the No. 7 sign--it was our favorite hole. both of our tee shots got closer to the hole than our coach's! the highlight of the day :o)

06 September 2008

17 things

I know, I know, its been forever.... what have I been up to? well, here are 17 things I've been up to in no particular order:

redoing my bathroom,
rearranging furniture,
a blueprint art project for my wall,
working 10 hour days with a three day weekend (but that just ended),
joining facebook,
making jewelry,
starting Financial Peace Univ next week,
getting in the last few swims of the summer,
studying up on LEED for my first LEED project at work,
trying to get over a cold--lots of chicken soup and vitamin C!
work, work, work--designing a high school (I have such a cool job),
trying to finish IDP so I can take the ARE and become a real architect,
seeing old friends,
weekly evening activities: small group, adult ballet, & choir
trying to repair my internet--boo routers that quit on me!
going to the eye doctor lots and lots--boo my punctate keratitis!
recovering a $3 desk chair--hooray yard sales!

17 has no particular significance--that's just how many I thought of. maybe I can get it together enough to post some pictures--we'll see :o)