01 October 2009

finally! a pass!

After 10 long weeks of anticipation, I finally received the score report from the first division of the ARE that I took back in July: and I passed!!

So far:
1 test passed
2 tests taken, results pending
4 tests left to take

What a process this is! I'm taking the rest of the tests between now and December 15th...so that day will be a big sigh of relief...but not as big of a sigh (and a huge hooray) as the day I get the last score report :)


Ldani said...

Way to go, Erin!

j.j. said...

YAY!!! Are you having to study for the remaining tests in all your spare time?

JM said...

Yay for you!!

Erin said...

yep, all studying happens during the lunch hour, in the evenings (when not at one of many activities), and on the weekends. makes for not much of a social life, but its only temporary!